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Xu Ziling heard the two men’s answers clearly, and an idea floated in his mind. Since Jiancheng and yuanji were bold enough to set a trap to kill them, of course they refused to let Li Shimin go. He inserted: “We want to say hello to the King of Qin at the Hongyi Palace. General Lao Chang has arranged it.” Chang He looked shocked and hesitated to speak. Finally, he pretended to be embarrassed and said, “The Hongyi Palace is about ten miles west of the city. Can the young marshal wait until tomorrow so that the young man can have time to make proper arrangements?” At this time, Kou Zhong was sure that there were people from Jiancheng and yuanji among the guards escorting the carriage. Therefore, he often pretended to speak to those people, so that he could make indirect explanations to Jiancheng and others. The reason why Chang He showed a look of shock was that he saw through their relationship with Li Shimin and inferred from his hints that Li Shimin was in danger, so he provided protection. Chang He suddenly showed a firm look. He first winked at him and then said, “The young marshal has a destiny. How dare he not obey the last general? But it involves the opening of the city gate. The young marshal must report to Grandfather Wei.”. And because of the long distance, it is quite inconvenient. Young Marshal, please board the bus first. Kou Zhong, who was used to cooperating with him, said with a smile, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Of course, everything must be done according to the rules.”. But frankly, I’m not used to riding in a carriage, and I always feel stuffy. How can I compare with the pleasure of riding a horse. Why don’t we wait here for news from Lord Chang? After Chang He took the order and left, Ba Feng said in a deep voice, “Will you hurt Chang He like this?” “Don’t worry,” said Kou Zhong! But the Dazhi side will not reveal today that I am not of one mind, so that Li Jiancheng knows that the Turkic side has deceived him. Since there is no such clue, Chang He is supported by Li Jiancheng to sit in the commanding position,Kamado bbq grill, so tonight’s trick fails, Li Jiancheng will only blame God for not cooperating, and will not punish Chang He. Hou Xibai said, “Ziling’s mind is really quick. Today’s King of Qin must be another target of attack besides us, Jiancheng and yuanji. It’s really ruthless!” Kou Zhongxi said, “So it seems that Li yuan is still hesitant about how to deal with Li Shimin. Otherwise, how could Li Jiancheng take the risk of Li yuan’s heavy responsibility?” Ba Feng Han shook his head and said, "As long as the people who killed us are Turks,7g Ozone Generator, Li yuan can’t take Jiancheng and yuanji.". As for dealing with Li Shimin, with Yang Xuyan’s experience as an assassin and the skill of combining the “Zhi Jing” and the “Immortal Seal”, it is not that there is no chance of success to attack him unprepared. Kou Zhong sighed, “This boy is really a first-class bastard. Alas!”! I hope I can get to Hongyi Palace in time. I really didn’t sleep well tonight. Damn it! After waiting for nearly a quarter of an hour, Chang He finally came back and sent his men to bring him four horses. “Young Marshal,” he said cheerfully, “everything is as the young marshal said. Please get on the horse.” After galloping out of the imperial city, surrounded by Chang He and more than ten guards, the four of them turned right and galloped toward the Golden Light Gate. The sound of hoofbeats broke the silence of the night, and the sound of drums came from a distance, reminding them that it was the third watch. After crossing the long bridge across the canal, they arrived at the Golden Light Gate. The suspension bridge of the Golden Light Gate had already been put down. In addition to the hundred Tang troops guarding the gate, there was a cavalry of nearly eighty men waiting in line inside and outside the gate. They had an unexpected big battle. A military general rode over and saluted, saying, “Liu Hongji, the commander of the city guards, see the young marshal, ”">Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,Alumina Ceramic C795, Mr. Xu, Mr. Ba and Mr. Xibai." Kou Zhong, Xu Ziling and Ba Feng Hanshang met him for the first time. Knowing that he and Yin Kaishan were the two commanding generals of the city guard system and Li yuan’s trusted followers, they could not help paying special attention to him. Liu Hongji is tall and thin, with a black moustache, cold eyes, and the calm expression of a typical professional soldier, so that people will not suspect that when he receives the order to kill the enemy, he can carry it out without hesitation, and his belief can not be easily shaken. The most special is the thick black long eyebrow straight to the two sideburns, in the bridge of the nose on the seal hall where the eyebrows are connected, adding to its fierce spirit. Hou Xibai said with a smile, “I’m going to bother General Liu again.” Liu Hongji said lightly, “Mr. Xi Bai is really polite. It’s Hongji’s duty.” Turning to Chang He, he said, “Your Majesty has ordered the young marshal to be received by Hongji. Lord Chang, please return to the palace immediately.” Chang He Wei was stunned and did not dare to speak. After apologizing to Kou Zhong and others, he turned his horse’s head and went back to the palace with his relatives.
Four people have long guessed that this matter will move Li yuan, now only confirmed by Liu Hongji. Because Kou Zhong wants to go out of the city to see Li Shimin, this matter can be big or small, who dares to make up his mind. Even if Li yuan had gone to bed, Grandfather Wei would offend Tianwei to wake him up and let him decide. It is also very likely that Li yuan has not yet gone to bed at the moment because he is preoccupied. Now that Li yuan had been released from the city, it was obvious that Li yuan still did not want to fall out with them, because strictly speaking, the two sides had not formally formed an alliance for a day, and the Shaoshuai Army and the Tang Army were still at war. If Li yuan does not let Kou Zhong out of the city, Kou Zhong will suspect that he is under house arrest in the city, and the consequences will be disastrous. Li yuan, of course, will not be happy because of this matter, but can not take Kou Zhong. Even if he made it clear that he was interfering in Li yuan’s family affairs, unless Li yuan gave up the alliance, he could only be allowed to be presumptuous. “Young Marshal, please set out,” said Liu Hongji. At the same time play hand number, in the gate of the cavalry waiting for more than 30 people, leading out of the city. Kou Zhong rode up to Liu Hongji, who was waiting for him, and said with a smile, “General Liu, don’t stand on ceremony. How about we ride together and chat?” Liu Hongji’s eyes shot out a complicated look. He hung his head and said helplessly, “Young Marshal has a destiny. How dare Hongji not obey!” Surrounded by nearly seventy soldiers, the four of them galloped out of the city gate and entered the westward official road in the fields west of the city. The beautiful moonlight covered the earth, and the night wind came, which gave them a special taste. Kou Zhongce rode slowly and said to Liu Hongji in a deep voice, “General Liu, do you know why I didn’t have the patience to wait until dawn and was eager to see the King of Qin?”? To bother General Liu? There was a distance between the cavalry guards and them, so Liu Hongji’s men could not hear their conversation. With a bitter smile, Liu Hongji hung his head and said, “Hongji dare not speculate.” Kou Zhong said lightly, "The reason is very simple, because I am afraid that there will be a sudden change in Chang’an and that people in Guanzhong will be plunged into misery. If I,cordierite c520, Kou Zhong, sit back and do nothing, I will become a sinner in history." Liu Hongji’s long body shook and looked at him.

Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince

Princess Yongfu remembered that Manager Lu had just been called submissive, but in fact he was extremely arrogant. She could not help but feel a chill in her heart. She said sadly, “That..” Why did General Yang wave us not to speak? She stopped and looked at Yang Ling expectantly and said, “The general must have a good idea, right?” Yang Ling said with a smile, “Your Highness really has a beautiful heart. Oh, I do have an idea, but I don’t think so clearly for a while.” When he saw that Yongchun was in a hurry again, he hurriedly said, “I’ve already thought about what to do. I haven’t thought about how to let the emperor know after a short time. I still have a way to punish this kind of greedy villain..” Yang Ling lowered her voice and said it in detail. Then she said with a smile, “The two princesses often go to Princess Ningqing’s house. It’s the most appropriate thing to do this. Besides, they are just slaves. Even if they are exposed, the emperor won’t be angry.” Princess Yongfu looked at him for a long time without blinking. Suddenly she burst out laughing and said, “General Yang’s method is really..” Really Uh. It must work. The anger on Princess Yongchun’s face had long disappeared. She nodded with a smile and said, “Not bad, not bad.”. A wicked man must be grinded by a wicked man. The princess is now beginning to believe what Uncle Zhang said to his mother. You are really a great wicked man! ……………… The big villain Yang Ling helped the big and small princesses to make a bad move and returned to the Palace of Heavenly Purity triumphantly. Unexpectedly, Emperor Zhengde had forgotten that he had been sent to mediate the princess’s family affairs. As soon as he saw him, he said with great interest that he had his own plan to leave the hospital. Yang Ling was stunned. He stagnated for a long time and looked at Liu Jin’s four eyes as red as an envious rabbit. Looking at Emperor Zhengde’s nostrils facing the sky, he couldn’t help wondering, “Does the emperor want me to set up an internal arrest factory?”? Hasn’t the arrest factory always been held by the internal court? Zhengde said with a smile, “That’s not true. But it was because Emperor Yongle’s internal officials had made great efforts during the Jingnan period that the East Factory was controlled by the internal officials. Later, when the West Factory was set up, the internal officials were appointed as the factory governor as a matter of course. But I have to be new and unexpected. Only in this way can I be superb and win by surprise.” He smirked and said, “If my inner factory were again supervised by an inner official, wouldn’t it still be under the jurisdiction of Wang Yue?”? Now the Royal Guards are pro-military foreign ministers, supervised by the East Factory of Si Lijian,mobile racking systems, and supervised by the West Factory of Si Lijian. Now I transfer the minister to build the factory, the supervisor, this will be seamless. So I have to use a foreign minister. I trust you most. Of course, you will do it. You don’t want to be a minister of the Ministry of Punishment. I have approved it. You can’t refuse it any more. With a bitter face, Yang Ling said, “But I..” I really don’t have any experience. He said to himself, “Although there are not many heads of two factories and one guard who have a bad end, the reputation of the factory guards is really not very good.”. Besides, the Royal Guards United with the East Factory to support themselves so strongly that they were afraid of losing the holy family. That’s good. Now I have broken away from them and set up my own business. Are Zhang Xiang and Fan Ting willing to suffer this dumb loss? Zhengde said disapprovingly, “I haven’t had any experience as an emperor yet. Don’t you think I’ve done a good job?”? With my support, what are you afraid of? Yang Ling took a breath and said shyly, “That..” I wonder where the emperor’s ministers set up the inner factory? Where did this man come from? You have to have money to open a mansion, build a government office, buy a house and buy land, cantilever racking system ,industrial racking systems, right? Is the Ministry of the Interior willing to go out? “What are the main responsibilities of the compilation factory?” ] When Zhengde heard this, he was stunned for a long time before he said, “This..” Do you want to ask me this? You choose the place yourself. You pick your own hands, silver. Emperor Zhengde slipped away for a moment, as if he had a toothache. “Think about where you can deduct the silver. Tell me again. I will allow you to play.”. As for the duty, the main one is to look after two factories and one guard for me, and the rest. “By the way, silver, the right to supervise taxes must be collected.” “Well..” Emperor Zhengde thought carefully for a while, then spread out his hands and said, “I’ve only come up with so much for the time being. You can tell me what you think of.” Yang half gawked at Zhengde for a long time before he said, “So..” Weichen is not to participate in presiding over the emperor’s wedding, can you wait for the emperor’s wedding after the preparation, otherwise Weichen afraid of lack of skills ah.
” Zhengde said with a smile, “That’s right. Then I’ll announce the establishment of the Inner Factory after my wedding. You go back to the Ministry of Rites first. I heard that I have to follow their rules. You are the emissary chosen by me personally. Don’t lose face for me.” Yang Ling said helplessly, “Yes, I will obey the decree.” As soon as Yang Ling left the Palace of Heavenly Purity and walked a few steps, Liu Jin caught up with him from behind. As soon as he caught up with Yang Ling, he said hurriedly, “Lord Yang, what a big event it is to set up an inner factory. Why aren’t you in a hurry? If the two factories and one guard know about it, maybe they will stir up trouble for you. It’s time to hurry up.” As soon as Zhengde Jinkou opened, he pointed out that the inner factory was to supervise the inner officials of the two factories, so he was determined not to use the inner officials. Liu Jin also gave up his heart. Fortunately, the new inner factory governor was his good brother. It was better to have no fish and shrimp than to be an outsider. So when he saw his appearance, he couldn’t help worrying. Yang Ling looked at this Zhengde emperor to do things impetuously, a gust of wind and rain, the heart is still holding his big wedding will give up the illusion of building a factory, so can procrastinate. As for guarding against two factories and one guard, it’s just a joke. It can’t compare with Hongzhi’s secret opening of the West Factory. It was formed by the elite of the Royal Horse Supervisor with the cooperation of Si Lijian, so it can be concealed for a while. We have no one, no money, no place, and no foundation at all. As soon as we start here, the rumor will spread to the ears of the two factories and one guard. It’s better to let them have a backlog of supplies when we have to start than to cover up their suspicion. When Yang Ling thought of this, his heart suddenly moved and he had an idea: the Royal Guards were the Royal Guards of that year. The east factory has a long history, most of the stalls are recruited from the people, but the west factory is based on the imperial horse supervisor, if you really want to set up the factory, then I personally brought out the Shenji camp five hundred pro-army, even all the troops of the left sentry army.. Yang Ling thought of here a burst of excitement in the heart, originally at a loss, but at this time settled down,warehouse pallet racks, if with their own pro-army as the team, even with the site all have, said the establishment is just to turn down the present brand.