Cat Travels

Wen Feifei had been looking nervously at Duan Xuan’s expression, and when she looked at his angry eyes, she took a few steps back in horror, and her heart was pounding. Because in the game to see the awakening and Duan Xuan together, so she has long had Duan Xuan is to know the girl’s psychological preparation, but did not expect that their relationship may be more than in the game acquaintance so simple. Duan Xuan not only knows the girl’s mother, at this time even with such a resentful look to stare at himself, can he say that there is already a favorite person, that person is this girl? Wen Feifei’s face sank in an instant, and his heart sank. If I had known this, I would have-Wen Feifei suddenly shivered and was frightened by his own thoughts. Nope! That thought just now must not be your true will! Of course, killing people is different from killing cats, even if it seems to kill people by accident! How could I have such an evil idea? Wen Feifei shook his head vigorously, trying to drive away the unstoppable regret and frustration in his heart at this time. In this case, she really can’t tell whether her idea is impulsive or willing! She actually regretted not killing the girl just now, and she regretted missing another chance to get Duan Xuan! Strongly call for the recommendation ticket, the last few days of this month, began to be chased, the recommendation ticket situation is in danger, will soon be caught up, please continue to support. Chapter 219 the course of the accident. 8-5 16:39:36 2702 Su Su was sent to the emergency room,Ceramic Band Heater, but Duan Xuan’s face was still gloomy and somewhat frightening. He sat there, staring at the door of the emergency room, saying nothing. Mother Su sat sobbing and sobbing. At this time, Father Su also took money from home. Seeing that Duan Xuan had already paid for the operation, the only thing he could do now was to wait. So he sat beside his wife and patted her on the shoulder in a low voice. Wen Feifei, the perpetrator of the accident also sat, but no one had the mood to talk to her,steatite c221, before Su Su’s life was guaranteed, no one wanted to pay attention to her. Auntie, don’t cry. I’m sure I’ll be responsible for the cost of the operation. As for the cost of nutrition, mental loss and so on after your daughter’s injury, as long as you open your mouth, I will take it out, and you will never lose a penny! Because Su’s father and mother were just worried about Su Su from the beginning to the end, they did not scold or criticize Wen Feifei at all, so Wen Feifei felt that the two old people were not bad, they were sensible and reasonable people, so he must also express something, so as to broaden the hearts of the two old people and let them know that they were responsible people. But when Wen Feifei finished speaking, no one paid any attention to her. Only Su’s father looked up at her and moved his lips as if he wanted to say something. As a result, Su’s mother patted him twice on her hand. So he turned his face again, moved his Adam’s apple twice, alumina c799 ,ceramic bobbin heater, and swallowed the words back. I I don’t mean it Wen Feifei saw that the two old people were ungrateful, so he curled his lips, hesitated for a moment, and then carefully sat closer to Duan Xuan, trying to break the dull silence. Duan Xuan calm face, do not answer, eyes do not blink, Wen Feifei did not even know whether he was listening to his own words. So he raised his voice in a hurry and said, “I really didn’t mean to..” “Will you be quiet?” Duan Xuan’s voice is faint, can not hear the joys and sorrows. He did not even look at Wen Feifei, and his hands were interlaced. (Www, 16K, Cn updates the fastest). The knuckles of his fingers turned pale because he was trying to restrain his emotions. Wen Feifei’s temper was stimulated by Duan Xuan’s calm attitude, and he took a deep breath and wanted to attack, but a series of words were on the tip of his tongue, and she swallowed them back. At this time.
In what capacity and position did she get angry with Duan Xuan? Yes, she hit someone, everything is her fault, Duan Xuan scolded her or reprimanded her does not matter, but Duan Xuan completely ignored her and silent attitude made her feel very aggrieved, must want to defend, Su Su really did not intentionally hit the ground! As she had told the traffic police before, she really bumped into Su Su by accident! I came out of Duan Xuan’s residence at that time. Having been rejected, she was full of depression in her heart. As a result, in order to vent, she drove faster. But she didn’t want to hit anyone, just when she was turning. This Su Su seemed to suddenly appear out of thin air. Standing in the path of her car! Of course, it was not too late to brake suddenly at that time! Wen Feifei thought of this. The grievance in my heart was suppressed, and I looked around and began to feel a little uneasy. Wen Feifei still remembered that when he first saw Su Su, he was surprised for a moment. The girl raised her face under the street lamp, which made her feel so familiar. When she thought about it carefully, her already bad mood suddenly got worse, because this girl was actually the magician named Rosemary in Freedom! Yeah, you can’t go wrong, that’s her! She must not have changed her appearance when she entered the game! Wen Feifei and her brother Wen Wenfei have suffered too many losses in the game, not once or twice! Even once, Wen Feifei saw her very close to Duan Xuan! So Wen Feifei’s foot, which was about to step on the brake, paused at that moment. Just a few seconds of hesitation can sometimes change a person’s fate. Wen Feifei took a deep breath and closed his eyes. In any case, she could not forget the expression on Su Su’s face when she turned around when she was about to be hit by a car. The next second, everything in front of us, together with Su Su’s face, was blurred, and countless bright flowers bloomed on the windshield, just like a rain of blood, while Wen Feifei’s feet,ceramic welding tape, then completely stepped on the brake, bent over the steering wheel, bowed his head and panted sharply.

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