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Cat Travels

Wen Feifei had been looking nervously at Duan Xuan’s expression, and when she looked at his angry eyes, she took a few steps back in horror, and her heart was pounding. Because in the game to see the awakening and Duan Xuan together, so she has long had Duan Xuan is to know the girl’s psychological preparation, but did not expect that their relationship may be more than in the game acquaintance so simple. Duan Xuan not only knows the girl’s mother, at this time even with such a resentful look to stare at himself, can he say that there is already a favorite person, that person is this girl? Wen Feifei’s face sank in an instant, and his heart sank. If I had known this, I would have-Wen Feifei suddenly shivered and was frightened by his own thoughts. Nope! That thought just now must not be your true will! Of course, killing people is different from killing cats, even if it seems to kill people by accident! How could I have such an evil idea? Wen Feifei shook his head vigorously, trying to drive away the unstoppable regret and frustration in his heart at this time. In this case, she really can’t tell whether her idea is impulsive or willing! She actually regretted not killing the girl just now, and she regretted missing another chance to get Duan Xuan! Strongly call for the recommendation ticket, the last few days of this month, began to be chased, the recommendation ticket situation is in danger, will soon be caught up, please continue to support. Chapter 219 the course of the accident. 8-5 16:39:36 2702 Su Su was sent to the emergency room,Ceramic Band Heater, but Duan Xuan’s face was still gloomy and somewhat frightening. He sat there, staring at the door of the emergency room, saying nothing. Mother Su sat sobbing and sobbing. At this time, Father Su also took money from home. Seeing that Duan Xuan had already paid for the operation, the only thing he could do now was to wait. So he sat beside his wife and patted her on the shoulder in a low voice. Wen Feifei, the perpetrator of the accident also sat, but no one had the mood to talk to her,steatite c221, before Su Su’s life was guaranteed, no one wanted to pay attention to her. Auntie, don’t cry. I’m sure I’ll be responsible for the cost of the operation. As for the cost of nutrition, mental loss and so on after your daughter’s injury, as long as you open your mouth, I will take it out, and you will never lose a penny! Because Su’s father and mother were just worried about Su Su from the beginning to the end, they did not scold or criticize Wen Feifei at all, so Wen Feifei felt that the two old people were not bad, they were sensible and reasonable people, so he must also express something, so as to broaden the hearts of the two old people and let them know that they were responsible people. But when Wen Feifei finished speaking, no one paid any attention to her. Only Su’s father looked up at her and moved his lips as if he wanted to say something. As a result, Su’s mother patted him twice on her hand. So he turned his face again, moved his Adam’s apple twice, alumina c799 ,ceramic bobbin heater, and swallowed the words back. I I don’t mean it Wen Feifei saw that the two old people were ungrateful, so he curled his lips, hesitated for a moment, and then carefully sat closer to Duan Xuan, trying to break the dull silence. Duan Xuan calm face, do not answer, eyes do not blink, Wen Feifei did not even know whether he was listening to his own words. So he raised his voice in a hurry and said, “I really didn’t mean to..” “Will you be quiet?” Duan Xuan’s voice is faint, can not hear the joys and sorrows. He did not even look at Wen Feifei, and his hands were interlaced. (Www, 16K, Cn updates the fastest). The knuckles of his fingers turned pale because he was trying to restrain his emotions. Wen Feifei’s temper was stimulated by Duan Xuan’s calm attitude, and he took a deep breath and wanted to attack, but a series of words were on the tip of his tongue, and she swallowed them back. At this time.
In what capacity and position did she get angry with Duan Xuan? Yes, she hit someone, everything is her fault, Duan Xuan scolded her or reprimanded her does not matter, but Duan Xuan completely ignored her and silent attitude made her feel very aggrieved, must want to defend, Su Su really did not intentionally hit the ground! As she had told the traffic police before, she really bumped into Su Su by accident! I came out of Duan Xuan’s residence at that time. Having been rejected, she was full of depression in her heart. As a result, in order to vent, she drove faster. But she didn’t want to hit anyone, just when she was turning. This Su Su seemed to suddenly appear out of thin air. Standing in the path of her car! Of course, it was not too late to brake suddenly at that time! Wen Feifei thought of this. The grievance in my heart was suppressed, and I looked around and began to feel a little uneasy. Wen Feifei still remembered that when he first saw Su Su, he was surprised for a moment. The girl raised her face under the street lamp, which made her feel so familiar. When she thought about it carefully, her already bad mood suddenly got worse, because this girl was actually the magician named Rosemary in Freedom! Yeah, you can’t go wrong, that’s her! She must not have changed her appearance when she entered the game! Wen Feifei and her brother Wen Wenfei have suffered too many losses in the game, not once or twice! Even once, Wen Feifei saw her very close to Duan Xuan! So Wen Feifei’s foot, which was about to step on the brake, paused at that moment. Just a few seconds of hesitation can sometimes change a person’s fate. Wen Feifei took a deep breath and closed his eyes. In any case, she could not forget the expression on Su Su’s face when she turned around when she was about to be hit by a car. The next second, everything in front of us, together with Su Su’s face, was blurred, and countless bright flowers bloomed on the windshield, just like a rain of blood, while Wen Feifei’s feet,ceramic welding tape, then completely stepped on the brake, bent over the steering wheel, bowed his head and panted sharply.

The Story of the Postmodern Imperial Concubine (End) _ Pai Pai Novels

Turtle woman! Qin Chuan in the heart dark curse, almost want to throw the phone to the ground, strong pressure on this impulse, he indifferent voice, “I understand.”. I will respect your choice. It was never his style to cling to women, and now that she had made her attitude clear, what else did he have to say. Just as he was about to cut off the phone, he heard Su Jin call out softly, “Qin Chuan..” He stopped and waited patiently for a long time before a sentence came out of the phone, “You want to live a long life.” Then, without waiting for him to respond, the phone hung up. Does he look like a short-lived ghost? Qin Chuan depressed sat on the bed for a while sulking, then opened the door and went out, saw Shen Yu looking at him with an ambiguous face, and sure enough there was eavesdropping. Qin Chuan pretended to be invisible and said coldly, “Let’s go.” After putting down the phone, Su Jin was in a trance for a while and felt a beautiful dream, so she woke up. The prince was finally going back to his world, a world that was completely strange to her, a world in which she would only feel afraid and weak once she intervened. She had an intuition that she would not like herself in that world,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and that even if she did not like herself, she would not be liked by others. So that’s the end of her beautiful winter dream. Once the dream continues to reality, it will no longer be beautiful. Before she knew it, she was on the website of the Central Concert Hall. The last performance of the Austrian Court Philharmonic Orchestra in Hong Kong was tonight. She was not going to go, but.. Now that there is a gap, You’d better go. When I checked the tickets, I found that only the most expensive first-class seats were left. I sighed,Ceramic Bobbin, pressed the mouse and confirmed the seats. It only comes once a year. Expensive is expensive. Seeing that Qin Chuan’s complexion was not good, Shen Yu walked out with him in silence until he got into the car and asked, “Why, you were dumped?” Qin Chuan turned his head angrily and looked out of the window without speaking. Shen Yu smiled gloatingly. “It’s not the first time. What does it matter?” Qin Chuan remembered the scene of his previous girlfriends breaking up with him with tears in their eyes and frowned slightly. It’s not the first time, but the first few times, it was because his girlfriend wanted to get married, and he didn’t want to marry them, so they broke up. Only this time, he really felt dumped. Because the woman shut him out of her world. Turtle woman. He couldn’t help cursing again. Shen Yu found Qin Chuan’s expression more gloomy, full of interest gossip up, “is the woman who took you in?”? She’s really pretty, but she’s not stunning, and she’s a commoner. Why are you so serious? Yeah, why is he so serious? Qin Chuan looked out of the window thoughtfully. Because he likes to have sex with her. ? Because she’s easy and comfortable to be with? Because he spent more time with her than any of his ex-girlfriends? Or is it because he acted like an idiot for the first time and was set up by women? Is it the first time? Qin Chuan unconsciously sighed, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, Shen Yu listened to the more interesting proposal, “since so can not let go, go back to it.” The response to Shen Yu is still silent. Really, his cousin is getting less and less lovable. Shen Yu was bored thinking in his heart. The repertoire of the concert is very rich, Strauss’s Waltz of the Sound of Spring, Mozart’s Magic Flute Selections, Bizet’s Carmen Suite, Grieg’s Pilkin Suite, Mendelssohn’s Fingal Cave Overture, the classic repertoire Blue Danube.. And finally, the grand finale. Brahms Symphony No.1. This magnificent work, which spanned 20 years, was the first symphony written by Brahms. It has been said that if you listen to this magnificent symphony, you will understand that Brahms did not waste any second in 20 years. Su Jin has always felt that this piece is full of indescribable tragedy, which is the desperate love between the author Brahms and the famous pianist Schumann’s wife Clara, who is 18 years older than him. The two men exchanged letters for a lifetime, and these letters were burned by Brahms in his later years, so no one knows how their love was tortuous, and no one knows why, after Schumann’s death, they did not finally unite, but chose to live independently.
Half a year after Clara’s death, Brahms followed him, as if Clara were his soul, and when the soul was gone, the body failed. Throughout his life, Brahms never married and devoted his whole life to love and music without ending. Perhaps true love does not need an ending, and Su Jin believes that if Brahms marries Clara, who is already the mother of seven children, this love will not continue and become a masterpiece through the ages. Love itself has a tragic character, and love is always beautiful because of its despair. However, what is Brahms singing for the voice of hope expressed in the last stage of the symphony? This is a part that Su Jin has never been able to understand. In Pandora’s magic box, the only good thing God left to human beings is hope. But what did Brahms hope for in this deep despair? Su Jin tried to wipe the tears on her face, stood up and planned to follow the crowd out of the concert hall, when someone handed over a tissue. Looking up, Su Jin couldn’t help but be stunned. Although life where not to meet But you don’t have to meet Wen Qidong all the time, do you? Wen Qidong had booked a first-class ticket a month earlier. His seat was in the row behind her. When Su Jin came in, he had already seen her, but he didn’t intend to say hello. Just now he saw her crying badly and had no tissue, so he couldn’t help handing one over. Two people step out of the concert hall together, outside unexpectedly floating snow, the port city ushered in a rare white Christmas. Many couples are excited to go to the street, in pairs, looking very sweet,ceramic igniter electrodes, but also against the background of the two people who did not hold hands a little lonely and scattered. Wen Qidong looked at Su Jin, whose eyes were still red, and smiled. The woman who heard Brahms cry made a part of his heart soft for no reason. “I invite you to eat midnight snack?” 。

Hot King

The old woman’s whole body was blocked, and there was only a dead end waiting for her. The ending is predictable! Of course, people who have this idea will be surprised. The old woman stretched out her hand to make a move, and the three arrows that pierced the air and pierced the sky were caught in her hand. Her movements seem to be slow and without strength. She was like a housewife washing clothes, and her waving movements were like greeting the three aunts and six aunts in the village. But the arrow was in her hand. It’s as simple as reaching out and grabbing a handful of flying chicken feathers. No one has ever been able to catch an arrow shot by a beard! Not ever! The black face of the beard became darker, and the eyes like brass bells became more fierce and gloomy. When the blow failed, he simply closed his eyes. Another arrow in hand. Zhang Gong. Shoot. This is the action he has done countless times. Since childhood. Especially in the past twenty years, he has shot three thousand times every day. Three thousand times a day, how many times a year? Twenty years? Natural is like breathing. The arrow whirled and disappeared in front of him. Yes. The arrow turned into a shadow and disappeared out of thin air. The old woman standing on the roof of the car reached out again. Whoosh An arrow was held in her hand. But it’s not over. She reached out again and grabbed a smaller arrow again. Fen Shen Arrow! What the beard shoots is an arrow, which can actually be divided into two parts. The small arrow hides inside the big arrow, and then separates in the process of flying. The big arrow comes first and the small arrow comes later, attacking the target one after the other. If you are not careful, you may be pierced by a small arrow. Countless good players have been destroyed by the shooting of bearded arrows. However, the arrow of the trumpet seems to be unwilling to be bound, but also whistling, rotating forward impact. As a result, the old woman’s body was taken off the roof of the car by her and flew backwards. Clang, clang, clang The pickup truck is still running. Go straight ahead along the rough road. At the same time, the beard opened his bow and arrow again. He stood where he was,10g Ozone Generator, waiting for his chance. Waiting for even a chance. If he sees a hair on the old woman’s head, he can find her heart and shoot her. All Dharmas, such as dreams and bubbles, such as dew and electricity, should be viewed in this way. The old woman appeared. But she appeared directly in front of the beard. Two of her fingers were pressed on the arrow, as if to stop the beard from shooting. Crazy! This old woman must be a crazy woman! Beard, push. The right arm was pulled back, and the bowstring made of animal tendons was pulled infinitely by it. The bow of the cold iron beast was pulled into a perfect shape by him. This is the ultimate form of the bow and arrow. The beard was so angry that he shouted at the top of his voice, “Broken.” The hand pulling the string loosened. Unfortunately, the bow and arrow did not move. The string had been loosened, ceramic bobbin element ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, but the arrow seemed to be stained and refused to leave the bow. The old woman looked at the beard with the same smiling expression and said, “Take it.” Beard doesn’t believe in evil. I don’t believe anyone can stop his arrow. No, it’s not blocking anymore. It’s oppression. She just pressed the arrow with two fingers, and the arrow that he pulled into the ultimate state could not be shot out. Can you believe it? The beard’s loose hand pulled the bowstring again, took a step on the back leg of his right leg, and leaned forward in an impact gesture. He pursed his lips and clenched his teeth, gathered all his strength, and shouted again, “Broken.” The animal tendon string was once again pulled into a full moon state by him. Bang- As he let go, the bowstring bounced forward. Pow- The bowstring broke and the bow and arrow flew away. Beard’s body suffered a heavy setback, and his body flew backwards. 。- His huge body fell on the rugged stone road, pressing the sand and stones on the ground. Ew- His throat was sweet and a stream of blood gushed out. Drawing the bow with full strength twice in a row had consumed all the strength of his body, and when his body was in a state of detachment, he encountered the counterattack force of the broken bowstring, and the pain in his internal organs seemed to tear his body apart. It’s not his style to lie down. He put his hands on the ground and tried to get up. The quiver was thrown on the ground, and a few arrows were scattered. Without the bow, these arrows lost their lives. His legs were shaking and his feet, including every toe, were aching.
However, he still stood stubbornly, looking at the old woman not far away without blinking. He did not know where she came from, nor did he ask her who she was. They are either friends or enemies. Either you die or I live. The reason is very simple and cruel. When the bowstring broke, the old woman flew backwards. But she was obviously ready, but she was bounced vigorously, but she was not injured to any extent. With a smile on her face, she is like Guanyin in the world, like Buddha and Bodhi. The old woman approached step by step. She was wearing a long black dress on such a cold day. The skirt is very long, all the way to the bare feet. What is more surprising is that she actually stepped on the cold stone road with bare feet. The old woman stood in front of the beard. She looked at the beard with interest and suddenly stretched out a palm. A light palm. Bang- The beard was pushed away by his palm, and his body fell down again and rolled on the ground. Thunderclap. It was a long time before he stopped. Ew- He spat out another mouthful of blood. As long as you spit out the blood that is stuck in your throat, you will feel more comfortable. Or he’ll feel suffocated. The old woman went to the beard again. One step. Another step. She stood in front of the beard and looked down at him. Then she lifted her foot. The world is impermanent, the land is fragile, the four great sufferings are empty, the five Yin have no self, birth and death are mutated,ceramic bobbin heater core, hypocrisy has no master, the heart is the source of evil, and the form is the source of sin. She said. Then she stepped down. Whoosh The beard’s body suddenly bounced up. The old woman felt the danger and did not see any force to fly in place.

White Fox World _ Luoshui _ txt Novel Paradise

Zaza immediately raised his arms, shouted and cheered, and began to talk nonsense. The rest of the cadets also stood up and talked to each other to say hello. The quiet cabin immediately became lively. Cheerful laughter came from time to time, and even the air in the cabin seemed to be alive and kicking. Looking at the faces full of vitality, a touch of sadness passed through Han Gaofeng’s heart. General, they are just like us. The cold thunder shield team leader turned away, and his complicated eyes fell on the gradually clear New York City outside the porthole. Get up, get down, get up, get down. Only one of the cadets, Omar, sat alone in the corner and did not join the exchange. He stared at the coffee cup on the dining board in front of him with melancholy eyes and words in his mouth. The coffee cup was miraculously manipulated by his eyes, rising automatically into the air and falling slowly, as if an invisible hand was moving below. In a low roar, the plane landed slowly. w w w.x iaoshu otx t.c o m Fourteen, officially take office. Small./said the Paradise Plane was parked at a secret military airfield,stainless steel edge trim, surrounded by armed guards. A black bulletproof saloon car was waiting in front of the gangway, carrying people to the United Nations Security Administration in Manhattan, New York City. The magnificent tall buildings flashed by the windows, the crowd surged, and the traffic was like the sea. The students all had a comfortable feeling of returning to the familiar world. Bi Shengke and Lance Ruo had a lively discussion about the human feelings in New York. Mori kept looking out of the window curiously. Omar sat in the back row and closed his eyes to meditate. Zaza did his best to catch the funny things all the way. Kadanya laughed so hard that her body trembled, and her plump and elastic chest accidentally rubbed against Feng Zhaoyuan’s right arm several times. It makes the latter restless and constantly produces natural physiological reactions. It was not until he arrived at his destination that Feng Zhaoyuan breathed a sigh of relief. Since he had been absurd in the stalactite cave,metal trim manufacturers, he knew that he could not resist the temptation of women, which was his greatest weakness. I can really work here. Looking at the imposing building of the General Security Administration, Zaza said excitedly to Feng Zhaoyuan, “I can finally work in a senior office building like a white man. Damn, it’s unbelievable.” Feng Zhaoyuan patted Zha Zha on the shoulder and said with a smile, “This is the result of your efforts.” The elevator took them to the conference hall on the nineteenth floor, where they were personally received by Director Yuld of the General Security Service. Your task is to eliminate some special terrorists with different abilities around the world. “There is no doubt that this task is very dangerous, but for this you will also be paid a high salary of $20,000 a month and enjoy a month’s paid vacation every year,” Yould said. Unless they die or have special physical conditions, they can only retire automatically after the age of fifty. “Twenty thousand a month is two hundred and forty thousand a year. I am twenty-four years old this year, ”">tile trim manufacturers ,tile trim factory, and I can get twenty-six years’ salary. Twenty-four times twenty-six is the _ _ _ _ _ _". " Bi Shengke, a short and fat Italian student, lowered his head, pulled his fat white fingers, wriggled his lips and pinched them in a low voice. Feng Zhaoyuan was amused to hear Bi Shengke constantly muttering twenty-four times twenty-six, but he hadn’t calculated the exact number for half a day. 624 ." Feng Zhaoyuan whispered. Oh! Bi Shengke’s eyes shone and his voice trembled: “How much Italian lira is 6240000 US dollars?”! I’m rich! God, I’m rich! “You can also get a generous pension after retirement.” Yould added: “But while in office, you must not violate any of the rules and regulations of the General Security Service.”. Otherwise, it will be cleared at any time. Do you understand? Seeing the crowd nodding in awe, Yuld said with satisfaction, “In the future, Han Gaofeng will be your immediate superior, and his orders must be obeyed unconditionally.”. Guys, are there any other questions? A white and red fat hand was raised. Bi Shengke licked his big mouth and asked greedily, “Excuse me, sir, how much is the pension?” “Ask this question when you can live to that day.”.
” Han Gaofeng suddenly snapped, “If you just want to get money, then you don’t deserve the different abilities that God has given you!” The room was silent, and Yould smiled and announced that his welcome was over. After the departure of Yuld, the grim momentum of Han Gaofeng was like a thunderstorm brewing silently, which made the air extremely depressed. A staff member distributed the work manual and magnetic card certificates to the crowd in turn, and another staff member walked into the conference hall with a large plate of shiny things. The plate was filled with luxurious and expensive watches. Han Gaofeng said in a deep voice, “You can each pick a watch to wear.” With a cry of joy, Bi Shengke took a glittering Rolex watch and put it on his wrist first, and the rest of the students chose their favorite styles. Now check your watch. It’s 11:47:59. The students looked down at their watches, and the time was exactly the same. Han Gaofeng’s eyes flashed and he shouted, “Omar, why didn’t you take off your original watch?” Omar was silent for a moment. “That’s what my mother left me,” he said. “Remove it!” Han Gaofeng’s voice is beyond doubt. Omar looked cold, then lowered his head, slowly untied the worn electronic watch, carefully wrapped it in a handkerchief, and put it in his arms. Han Gaofeng’s indifferent voice sounded: “From today on, you must wear this watch at any time. Once it is removed, it will detonate the miniature bomb inside.” There was a sudden commotion in the conference hall, and the students shouted uneasily,stainless steel tile edging, staring at the shining watches on their wrists and trembling with fear. You Feili stretched out her weak and boneless wrist and said with a smile, “Don’t panic. Group leader Han Gaofeng and I are wearing the same watch.”. If you take a closer look at page 30 of the workbook, you will understand everything. The clatter of the paper immediately made a loud sound.


On this day, I have known Professor Zhuo for exactly half a year. The so-called understanding is that Professor Zhuo finally discovered my existence. As for Professor Zhuo, I have known her very well since I was a child. Just like a young girl worshipping her youth idol, I admire her deeply with a trace of pain and shyness. As I grow older, I gradually learn that people are affected by others, and the most profound changes often come from the distant and irrelevant side. I think Professor Zhuo has never been able to understand. She is so unaware and indifferent, through thousands of people, playing with the fate of the distant me. In the sea breeze, I recalled that the first time I really met Professor Zhuo, she was nearly 60 years old and should have retired long ago, but she had re-opened up a nursery in her life. That year, Professor Zhuo had just returned to China, and with her popularity at the height of her power, she immediately entered the domestic dance world. She can even jump. It was an extremely dry summer, and when I was 16, I took a train to Taipei and wandered around the newly completed National Theater for another day and a half. It was not until I queued up in the evening light to enter the theater that I remembered that I was so excited that I forgot to drink water all day. Sitting in the dark theater, I felt burned inside and out. I was as dry as a mummy. A bright silver light shone on her body in black. When the swallow she played danced,stainless steel tile edge trim, I cried like rain on the spot. My soul, which rushed left and right, finally opened the breach, and the swallow perched in my heart from then on. It was Professor Zhuo’s first dance after returning to China, and she was a legend in my eyes. How I wish I could dance as freely as she does. Later, I learned that Professor Zhuo’s work was all superficial in the media. In the year when she announced the closure of the dance,aluminum tile trim, I happened to be admitted to the foreign language department of the university. Professor Zhuo packed up her famous black dancing clothes, and the swallow in my heart also went into hibernation. I chose to read English and French, which was my wish, but I knew in my heart that there was still a vacancy in my life, which was more substantial than any material vacancy, with the suction of a black hole. Forcing me to throw myself into everything within my reach, I joined a modern dance troupe in my spare time, dancing with my soul in class and reciting French verb conjugations in practice. My college memory is like a storm. In those years, I also traveled thousands of miles to attend Professor Zhuo’s introduction to choreography class, which was quite famous. Professor Zhuo always has coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand in class. If she shouts out who can’t answer something decent, she raises her eyes and fingers, and the whole cigarette with fire folds into a V shape in an instant. It crosses an arc of orange light in the air, stainless tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, and accurately orders the middle school students to sit between their eyebrows. Its strength is so fierce that no one can escape. So everyone in her class always rushes to pick the back seat. However, many people came to attend the lecture, forming a wonderful scene of the first two rows of empty seats and the back of the classroom full of people. Looking back now, it is very fortunate that she never threw out the coffee cup. After Professor Zhuo sealed the dance, there were signs of getting fat, which gradually gave people the illusion of kindness. Although she no longer danced, she took over more dance troupe guidance work. She had a high position in the cultural circle, and a will could control countless young hearts. She choreographed, she commented on dance, and she introduced the most cutting-edge modern dance concepts in the world. She was a real female tyrant. When guiding students, she was always very impatient, like a group of slow-beat companions. Not only on the stage, but also in the art circle, few people can get along with her for a long time. So when I knew I was going to see her, I was more worried than happy. I spent my whole youth exercising. I knew that only she could give me the final score. A thousand times on the stage was not as good as a dance for her. But what if she didn’t appreciate me? Don’t care about me? Or catapult a cigarette halfway through my scissor circle? It was a great honor and great pressure to be included in the dance code choreographed by Professor Zhuo himself. Many dancers had been rejected before me. After a long time of thinking, my dance troupe teacher finally recommended me to go again. Professor Zhuo has raised a very large sum of money, and the news that he is going to release the giant dance “The Road to Heaven” has been in the newspapers for many days.
Although I think highly of myself, I have never dreamed of having a chance to participate. Professor Zhuo only needs a group of the best dancers, and she has countless excellent disciples. I guess the competitors must have stepped through the threshold of Professor Zhuo. Moreover, the preparatory action is no small matter. The paid training period is as long as half a year. The number of public performances has been added again and again in advance. Professor Zhuo will personally teach each dancer. Everyone said that this would be Professor Zhuo’s work behind closed doors. Standing in front of Professor Zhuo’s famous dance studio, I hesitated again and again. It was the temple I had admired for many years. It was smaller than I imagined. It was an old bungalow at the bottom of the alley. The newly painted mahogany door was not covered. There was a huge sycamore tree in the courtyard, which was silently falling a large number of dead leaves. The slightly curled leaves covered several locomotives under the tree. There were no signs inside or outside the classroom, and the tranquility showed a deep atmosphere of the inner courtyard of the palace. The setting sun covered the roof with a layer of gold, and the breeze quietly blew the withered leaves into a dance. There was no trace of anyone, no sound at all. The evening color swept away the whole world like the ebb tide, leaving only this silent, dreamlike, gilded and misty dance studio in front of us. Verse 4: Strange Feelings Begin to Haunt Me I tried to find out, but I could no longer remember how I passed through Professor Zhuo’s courtyard in that midsummer evening. Unexpectedly, the ringing bell echoed in my memory. Ding-zero, pushing open the wooden curtain door, a copper wind chime sounded, slightly startled, I almost covered the copper bell with my hand. All the people in the room looked up at me, and before I could say hello, they lost interest for a moment and returned to their respective postures. The sunset dragged my shadow long into the middle of the floor. Someone whispered past it. In the slanting light, I could see countless golden powder flying quietly. Someone laughed softly. At that moment, I suddenly found that I was an intruder again. Just like every important turning point in my life, I hesitated too much,tile profile factory, decided too late, realized too ambiguously, and ended up in such a halfway role from beginning to end.

Fire and Ice Chef

Nian Bing held the right hand of the Stone of the Flame God and stretched it forward slowly. A purple flame suddenly condensed into a fire shield and appeared in front of him. This was a fourth-order magic called Ziyan Shield. This was the magic he had prepared before. Its function was to produce high temperature, which was used to defend against ice magic. At this time, it was obviously more appropriate to deal with milk. Although the impact of milk is very strong, but also touch the purple inflammation to see immediately evaporated into milk, immediately, the air is floating with a faint milk fragrance, purple inflammation shield in addition to emitting a few hot airflow, and there is no damage. With far more than the same level of magician’s magic control, Nianbing right hand control Ziyan shield step forward, looking at the fat cow, “do you have no other skills except milking?”? As such a Warcraft, I really don’t know how you survive. What if you milked the milk? Although the cow in front of him is no different from the ordinary cow, it can be seen from its attack that it still belongs to the scope of the demon, but its ability is very small, and it seems that it can only attack the milk just now. The cow looked at the Ziyan shield in front of the ice, obviously a little afraid, turned to look at his master, and moo a few times. The girl poked her head out from behind the cow and looked at Nian Bing in surprise and said, “Brother, why aren’t you dead yet?”! Just now it was ice, and now it’s fire. Why didn’t I hear Dad say there was such a magician? Nian Bing was so frightened that he realized that he had accidentally revealed his secret. He said indifferently, “It was a magic scroll just now, and now it’s my magic.”. Girl, if you don’t want this cow to turn into a cow,aluminium tile trim profiles, you’d better get out of the way. The girl seemed embarrassed and said, “But my cow can kill people!”! How can I kill you if I send it back to my space? Her appearance was extremely lovely, and there was no trace of affectation. “Have you ever killed anyone?” Nian Bing laughed. The girl shook her head and said, “No, but my father always talked about killing people, and my mother always quarreled with him. I was bored to death, so I had to run out to play.” Nian Bing looked at the young girl in front of him, and suddenly there was a wave of emotion in his heart. It was not the love between men and women,stainless steel edging strip, but the elder brother’s concern for his younger sister. “Well, how about you send this fat cow to your so-called space, and I invite you to eat something good?” The girl tilted her head for a moment and said, “Good!”! Then I’ll kill you after eating. Dad is very fierce. I can’t help it. Brother, you won’t blame me, will you? Nian Bing defused Ziyan Dun and said, “Come with me.” With these words, he pressed the hat on his head and walked out of the alley. There are many trigger scrolls on his body, and he is not afraid of a girl’s sneak attack. With a cheerful cheer, the girl clasped her hands in front of her chest and murmured, “Light, close.” With a flash of red light, the huge cow disappeared, and before he left, he was left with a low roar. The girl followed behind the ice, two people came to the street one after the other, the ice lowered his head, china tile trim ,stainless steel tile trim, listening to the girl’s footsteps, slowly toward the north of the city. If he didn’t want to leave the city of ice and snow, he could have told the girl to go to Qingfeng Zhai to have a big meal, but now he couldn’t. He avoided the street in the city. After walking for about half an hour, the girl finally could not bear loneliness and quickened her pace and ran to Nianbing’s side. “Brother, my stomach is so hungry and my feet are so soft that I can’t walk.”. When will there be something delicious? Nian Bing turned to look at the girl who was a full head shorter than herself and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon.”. At that time, my brother will personally cook delicious food for you. Do not know why, see the girl that pure black big eyes, read ice heart will unconsciously rise a bit of pity. The girl blinked her eyes and said, “Brother, can you carry me on your back? I really can’t go.” Nian Bing was stupefied. His real age was only three years older than that of the girl. Hearing that she took the initiative to carry him on her back, she could not help blushing and said, “How can I do that? Men and women are different.” The girl pouted and said, “You’re lying. My father used to carry me around on his back.”.
” “That’s different,” said Nian Bing with a wry smile. “He’s your father!” “If you don’t carry me on your back,” said the girl, “I’ll find a place where there’s no one to call out the light and ride it.” Nian Bing quickly shook his head and said, “That’s no good. If you ride a cow on the street, you will be noticed.” His purpose now is to leave the ice and snow city quietly, frankly speaking, even he does not understand why he should take such a burden. The girl stretched out her arms, and her snow-white hands were as delicate as bamboo shoots. “Then you carry me on your back.” With a sigh, Nian Bing squatted down helplessly. Anyway, she was just a little girl. With a cheer and a fierce jump, the girl climbed up Nian Bing’s generous back. Although Nian Bing is not a martial arts background, but from the point of view of ordinary people, his body is still strong, the girl’s body is very light, it is not very difficult to carry. In this way, he carried the girl through the streets and alleys towards his destination. After a meal, Nianbing gasped for the girl to get off his back. Sweat oozed from his forehead and temples. “Come down, little ancestor. We’re at the place.” “Parallel ironware shop, brother, is there anything delicious here?” The girl asked curiously. Nian Bing did not answer, but went to the door and knocked on it a few times. Who is it? The familiar voice sounded softly, Nian Bing suddenly felt a heat in his heart, do not know why, in his heart, Feng Nu’s appearance has always been the most profound. Feng Nu, it’s me, Nian Bing. When the door opened, the Phoenix Girl, dressed in white trousers, poked her head out from behind the door and looked at Nian Bing. She looked a little cold. “It’s the Fire and Ice Magic Chef who came here. We’re from a small family. Aren’t you wronged?” Nian Bing looked at Feng Nu, she seemed to be more beautiful, especially the noble temperament that emanated invisibly seemed to be stronger than before, “Feng Nu, you, I..” For a moment, he didn’t know what to say. Hello,aluminium edge trim, sister, I’m so hungry. The girl poked her head out from behind Nian Bing and looked at Feng Nu with a pair of big eyes, showing a curious look.

City "Time Limited Honey Love President, Have You Made Enough Trouble" txt Complete Works

It turned out to be angry, and Huo Ziyan’s upper body moved slightly closer to her, staring at her lips. That’s why you got back at me all morning? “Or what?”? Who told you to come back so late? Lu Sitian deliberately raised his chin and glanced at him mercilessly. “Yes, after all, the beauty is around. How can she be willing to come back?” “How beautiful are you?”? Uh Huo Ziyan hooked his lips, and it was too late when Lu Sitian realized it, because the man bit her lips: “It was so beautiful that I wanted to eat you while you were sleeping last night.” So in such a sunny morning, Lu Sitian was once again coaxed to sleep by Huo Ziyan in another way. …… Once again, Huo Ziyan went to the company at more than 11 o’clock. The assistant made several phone calls to Huo Ziyan in succession, but they were not connected. At noon, he had to rush to another company to discuss cooperation, but it was all at this point. He was anxious to see Huo Ziyan, who was in a good mood, coming out of the elevator. President, we have to go to Youshang at one o’clock in the afternoon. Huo Ziyan, wearing a tie, answered as he walked: “Tell me over there, push it to tomorrow, you go to help me contact the moving company in the afternoon, and then pick up someone.” What? Push? Where does the assistant dare to ask why he pushed. “Pick up who?” The moment he got the address, he realized why his president was in such a good mood,mobile racking systems, and this was the only reason why he could not talk about cooperation. —— When Lu Sitian saw Huo Ziyan’s assistant Yan Kuan in the villa, he opened his mouth and shouted, “Madam, the president asked me to come and help you move.” Just a few suitcases, but also to find a moving company, eager to let others know that she moved. Where is your president? Lu Sitian asked. The Spring Festival was coming, and the old man was not in good health. The president went to the hospital to select some nurses so that he could take care of the old man at any time. About Huo’s illness, Lu Sitian knows a little,shuttle rack system, because of identity reasons, did not ask too much. Can only wait for the future and Huo Ziyan’s relationship with the consent of the Huo family, more interference. After all, living at home is not as convenient as living in a hospital. Because in case of an emergency, the hospital has more medical equipment. Did not continue to chat with Yan Kuan, Lu Sitian went upstairs to pack with Xiangjie, also told her that the home side has been arranged. Let Xiangjie live here by herself for the time being, and after the Spring Festival, after the wedding, she and Shener will move back to live. Sister Xiang knows that Lu Sitian is in a dilemma now. He did not refuse, but agreed to come down, saying that he would definitely wait for them to come back. Evening. Huo Ziyan came back from Huo Zhai and just got off the bus. I saw Lu Sitian walking down from a taxi with Shener and Sister Xiang in her arms. Where did you go? Why don’t you let Xiao Dong pick you up? ” Lu Sitian handed Shen’er to Sister Xiang and explained from Huo Ziyan, “Let Xiao Dong pick him up and let him wait for us. Anyway, everything is done. I just took Sister Xiang to go shopping. It’s not the New Year. Sister Xiang is alone, so I bought her some gifts. Then I often come to accompany her with Shen’er, ”">heavy duty rack manufacturers ,warehouse storage racks, so Sister Xiang is not lonely." “Well, that’s all right.” Huo Ziyan was not good at talking about other people’s things. The woman went shopping with her child in her arms for so long. She didn’t shout tired at all. As soon as she came back, she began to talk about others again. Take a shower first and go down to cook together later. Lu Sitian rubbed his shoulders, did not notice Huo Ziyan’s abnormality, nodded, “It’s good to take a hot bath, I’m sore all over.”. You can take me home after dinner. “Well, for you.” She pecked her lips a few times, picked her up and walked into the bathroom. Hot water had been put in the bathtub. Huo Ziyan tried the water temperature before he started to help her untie her clothes. Lu Sitian enjoyed the taste of being spoiled by him. When her clothes faded, she put her arms around his waist and pressed her face against his chest. “Thank you, Huo Ziyan.” “That’s all?” He raised his eyebrows, rubbed her waist and whispered, “What did you say last time?”? I always like it when you say thank you in action.
” “Don’t..” I’m still very tired. How about another day? The man’s expression is too obvious, not good, very bad. Because I have to send her back to Huo’s house after dinner. But in the end, Huo Ziyan still let her go. He kept a gentleman all the way when he bathed her, but when he wiped her, he kissed her lips heavily. Then, after she told him, he let her go with satisfaction. After Lu Sitian went downstairs, what he saw was Huo Ziyan’s busy figure in the kitchen. He is such a king man, but now he is cooking in the kitchen for her. Looking from the angle of Lu Sitian, Huo Ziyan’s shirt cuffs were rolled up, and his face was serious. Perhaps do not want to disturb him, quietly sitting on the stairs, holding his chin slowly looking at him, the heart is still saying: “really handsome…” Because, such Huo Ziyan, only she can see, is unique only belongs to her. So that when Sister Xiang came over with her deep son in her arms, Lu Sitian was still squinting and smiling. What’s the happy event? Laughing so happily? Sister Xiang asked. Lu Sitian just wanted to answer when he saw Huo Ziyan coming out of the kitchen with a dish. You eat first, there is another dish, and it will be finished soon. Seeing this, Sister Xiang realized that it was General Manager Huo who cooked in person. Seeing that Huo Ziyan went back to the kitchen, Sister Xiang whispered to Lu Sitian, “There are not many good men. We should cherish them.” “Well, thank you, Sister Xiang, I will cherish it.” If you don’t cherish it, you have to be robbed by other women. After dinner, it was already dark. Xiao Dong was already waiting outside in his car. Huo Ziyan was reluctant to give up Lu Sitian and Shen’er. Before he let her go, he hugged her waist and pulled her into his arms against her forehead. “When I miss you, I must come out and see me immediately.” “Mmm.” Lu Sitian nodded, the rhinoceros is full of teasing smile, "I am not not back, after the New Year, and so you deal with things with Liang Yilan,shuttle rack system, I can not come back?"? But if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.. “You are the only one I can’t bear to part with.” Then he kissed her on the lips and reminded her in a dumb voice, “I’ll pick you up soon.” 。

Mortal Immortal [Chapter 1354]

“Then I’ll take my leave. Take care, Taoist friend.” When the good corpse heard this, he was delighted, and Korea and Korea handed him a hand. The voice did not fall, his body golden flash, the figure instantly disappeared from the original place. Han Li stood there quietly, not caring about the departure of the good corpse. It’s good for the good corpse to go, but he should always be on guard if he stays with him. He quickly closed his eyes again, sensing the change in the realm of cultivation at the moment, and his face slowly revealed the color of surprise. Before Han Li guessed that the strength would change greatly when he advanced to the later stage of Da Luo. When he really advanced to the later stage of Da Luo, he found that his previous consideration was too simple. He had now set foot in a whole new world, and everything around him seemed different from before. Han Li reached out to touch the void beside him, without carrying any fairy power, the power of law, and the power of the body. With a light sound of “poof”, the void trembled like water and then burst open, and a space hole with a diameter of more than ten feet appeared in the chamber of secrets. Fragments of space shot out of the hole and scratched the wall of the secret room next to it. As soon as he thought about it, the flying space debris immediately stagnated in place, as if it were imprisoned by an invisible force. Han Li looked at his palm with a look of surprise on his face. He felt possessed by some mysterious power at the moment, and had a sense of control over the world around him, as if he had become an omnipotent being who could easily control one side of the world. Han Li slowly carried the power of control, looking around,heavy duty cantilever racks, the whole Tsuruoka fairy land impressively under his eyes, anywhere can not escape his eyes, ten times clearer than before. The good corpse appeared in a desolate city at the moment, observing the situation in the city. In the desolate city where he had lived before, the sea was entertaining guests. Not only the Tsuruoka Immortal Realm, but also the nearby Immortal Realm, as well as some planes in the lower world can be easily seen, such as palmprint. Is this the power of heaven. Han was surprised and muttered to himself. He has seen in the ancient books and records that if you practice a law to the top,industrial racking systems, you will be able to communicate with the great way of heaven and earth, get the power of the great way, and display the power of destroying heaven and earth. Only this kind of realm can only be achieved by Daozu. He is only in the later period of Da Luo now. How can he communicate with Tiandao? Han Li turned his mind and raised his hand to clap out of the void. The void above his head fluctuated violently, and a huge golden palm emerged, enveloping billions of miles of the void outside the sky, and suddenly clapped down. Boom! A terrible wave of power emanated from the golden palm, and the meteorites under the palm, all kinds of energy storms burst and disintegrated into nothingness. The void of outer space also shattered, and a terrible black hole billions of miles in size emerged, sending out a terrible devouring force, swallowing everything around it. But at this moment, with a gentle touch of the golden palm, the terrible black hole was instantly closed and disappeared. The golden palm also disappeared, and the void outside the sky fluctuated violently, slowly returning to its original state. Inside the chamber of secrets, heavy duty cantilever racks ,asrs warehouse, Han Li withdrew his palm and looked happy. After just trying, he has confirmed that he can really communicate the power of heaven, as to why this is so, it may be because he practices the three supreme laws, which are different from the ordinary laws. With his strength at the moment, even in the face of the existence of Daozu, he is not afraid at all. Han Li in the heart suddenly suddenly, no wonder reincarnation temple Lord, as well as the demon Lord these two giants are obviously only big Luo realm, but so terrible, far better than ordinary Taoist ancestors, heaven is also very afraid. However, as long as he continues to practice diligently and reaches the peak of Da Luo, he may not be weaker than the Lord of Samsara and the Lord of Demons. Han Li looked ahead and his heart was filled with pride. At this moment, I finally stood at the peak of the immortal, the real peak. Waner, wait for me, I will rescue him soon! Han Li said secretly in his heart. He let out a breath, suppressed the joy in his heart, and sat down cross-legged again. Although he has advanced to the later stage of Da Luo at the moment, his realm is still somewhat unstable and needs to be consolidated. As soon as Han Li’s mind moved, he opened the spirit domain and urged the time array, and the flow of time in the spirit domain immediately accelerated by one hundred thousand times. His law of time has improved again, and the magic power of time acceleration has gone further.
Not only that, Han Li at the moment for the control of heaven and earth Reiki also improved I do not know how much, pinch a formula under the lead, rolling heaven and earth vitality into the time Tianxuan array, to maintain the operation of the hair inside. The speed of consuming the Immortal Stone by the Guangyin Tianxuan Array is greatly reduced immediately. Han Li sat down cross-legged, and thousands of golden lights emerged, enveloping his body. Chapter 1321 twists and turns. Middle Earth Fairy Land, South China Sea. On a land named Nanzhan Continent, the extreme south is a coastal mountain range stretching for hundreds of thousands of miles, among which there are 98 geoid volcanoes, all of which are active volcanoes. Almost every hundred years, one or two of these active volcanoes will erupt, and each time they will attract numerous casual practitioners and a large number of small and medium-sized immortals to come and watch. Of course, these people are not idle to see this grand scene, but to try their luck to see if they can find a kind of spiritual material called “fire refining stone” from the magma thrown by volcanic eruption. In previous years, heaven has turned a blind eye to this kind of thing, allowing them to rely on luck to win the fate of immortals, but this year’s situation is somewhat different. It was clearly predicted that 17 active volcanoes would erupt at the same time, but as soon as they showed signs of erupting, they were led into the West Sea by the immortal envoys in the Tianlou of Nanzhan Mainland Town, and did not erupt in the end. On the mainland, there is no complaint about this, just because the “Bodhi Banquet”, the biggest event in the realm of true immortals, is about to be held. Among the ninety-eight volcanic mountains in the extreme west, there is a very important place in heaven,push back racking system, that is, Yingtian Gate, which stands in the middle of the mountains.

Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155401

“Boom!” Under the thunder, the whole space was snow-white. Ge Qing and others rushed into the black light curtain of scattered thunder bracelets, but in the space of tens of meters, they could not let everyone in. Finally, only a few hundred people entered the light curtain. The first wave of thunder dissipated, the original tens of thousands of Xiuxian brigade, only less than a thousand people, in that huge thunder, tens of thousands of monks were blown up, no bones, and in the light curtain of Ge Qing and others, but unharmed, contented. What a domineering formation! Ge Qing and others looked outside the dark curtain, was blown into nothingness tens of thousands of monks and the remaining thousands of monks, can not help but wipe the cold sweat on the forehead, did not expect this day thunder butcher God array was so sharp, the autumn family really lived up to its reputation. The thunder rolled in the sky, the sound shook the four fields, and the whole Changshan Mountain changed beyond recognition in the thunder, and the eyes were full of the stench of wolves and burning human flesh. With the help of scattered thunder bracelets, the remaining hundreds of monks, no longer have scruples, the falling thunder in the sky can not bring them the slightest harm, swallow spirit array is also in the endless bombardment of non-stop shaking, as if at any time to break in general. ‘Pow! ’ A crisp sound came out gently without warning,wire mesh decking, everyone was stunned, the autumn family is a face of despair, at the same time clenched fists, slowly picked up weapons, waiting for the next thing. After the crisp sound, a shallow crack suddenly appeared, and then the crackle kept ringing. The crack spread like a spider web # # # on the shield. After a moment, the swallowing array broke up like a mirror, turning into nothingness and disappearing. The figures of the Qiu family,drive in racking system, while the shield disappeared, were clearly displayed in front of Yinshan and others.. Volume 1 Chapter 27 Protrusion of Vision The twenty-seventh chapter is a protuberance Swallow spirit big array into nothingness, ten thousand thunder slaughter God big array also disappeared in an instant, Yinshan old monster suspended in the air laughing, Ge Qing and others are also ecstatic, a face of excitement. Now that the big array has disappeared, it is undoubtedly as easy as pinching an ant to death to deal with all the mortals of the Qiu family. When the red mist dissipated, the old monster of Yinshan stood proudly in the air, looking down at the people of Qiujia like gods, while Ge Qing and others, after the first World War, virtually regarded the old monster of Yinshan as the leader. Miss Qiuxuan, let me ask you where the young man of that day is at this time! The old monster of Yinshan had an arrogant look on his face, but his eyes were patrolling around the crowd without any trace. What’s the matter? Does the old monster of Yinshan also have people who are afraid? Qiu Xuan’s pretty face was cold, her eyes shot straight at the old monster of Yinshan like a knife, and the corners of her mouth raised a thick sarcastic smile. Qiuxuan girl, it’s not interesting to talk about it now. Since the boy is not here, the old man has lost some hands and feet. We don’t say secret words. Hand over the black stone chain of the autumn family. The old man will leave you all dead. If not, warehousing storage solutions ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, you will draw all the souls of the autumn family, and you will never be born! Satirized by Qiu Xuan, the old monster of Yinshan could not help blushing slightly, but after all, the old monster of Yinshan, who had practiced for thousands of years, had a flash of shame and anger on his face, followed by a fierce face. Hum! Yinshan old monster, although now my autumn family is declining, but you are not qualified to threaten me, let the people behind you speak out! Qiu Xuan and Liu Mei stood erect, unmoved by the threat of Yinshan. The mouth is not small, do you still think that you are the big # # # of the autumn family? In the eyes of the old man, you are just the existence of ants, if you dare to delay, don’t say that the old man is ruthless! Speaking of this, Yinshan’s face changed sharply, his hands changed, and the banner of all souls appeared again. At the same time, the red mist slowly drifted out of his side, and the wind rippled up, sending out a shrill scream like a ghost crying. How dare you Qiu Xuanjiao shouted, her body suddenly moved forward, then reached out to touch her waist, and a silvery sword crossed her chest. Yinshan old monster, if you dare to touch us # # , I will not let you go even if I am a ghost! Zhang Long gave a loud shout, and the broadsword was already in his hand, and he dodged in front of Qiu Xuan. There was a light sound, and all the people in the Qiu family took out their weapons one after another, and walked a few steps quickly to protect Qiu Xuan among them, without the slightest flinch.
“Childish!” When the monks saw the performance of the Qiu family, they burst out laughing. In their opinion, what the Qiu family showed was not loyalty, but stupidity. In the face of absolute strength, any struggle was useless. OK! Since you want to die, the old man will help you! Yinshan old monster Yin Yin a smile, both hands to the people empty point, a red mist in the soul banner suddenly shot out, toward the autumn family people shot. The red mist was as fast as lightning, leaving only a faint red mark in the air and then shooting into the crowd. When the red mist disappeared into the crowd, dozens of people in front of Qiuxuan suddenly knelt down, filled with red mist, and then roared on the ground. Ah ~ “The roar kept ringing. Dozens of people kept rolling on the ground. Large areas of flesh and blood broke away from them. The earth was dyed red in an instant.” Yinshan old monster, you bully people too much! Looking at the members of the Qiu family who kept wailing on the ground, Qiu Xuan’s heart was like a knife, and her anger was rising in her beautiful eyes. She pushed away Zhang Long and others in front of her, raised her jade feet and rushed out of the crowd. It’s not your turn! With a cold hum, the old monster of Yinshan threw his broad sleeve robe, and a strong wind blew on his face. Qiu Xuan, like a heavy blow, spurted blood wildly. Like a cannonball, she was directly shot out for several meters and fell to the ground dispiritedly. ###!” When Zhang Long and Lu Pengfei saw that Qiu Xuan had been beaten away, they hurriedly ran toward Qiu Xuan. The old monster of Yinshan didn’t take it seriously. He chuckled at the dozens of Qiu people who had turned into blood on the ground. Dozens of red mists rolled up the souls who were still struggling and flew towards the banner of ten thousand souls. When the red mist came to the banner of ten thousand souls, the old monster of Yinshan opened his mouth and a flame spurted out of his mouth. Dozens of souls sent out painful # # # and kept struggling in the red mist. Moments later,heavy duty metal racks, the old monster of Yinshan Mountain refined all the souls. The banner of all souls danced and sucked all the souls into the banner. Then the old monster of Yinshan Mountain looked up at Changshan Mountain and saw that Qiuxuan had been lifted up by her family, but her clothes were broken and she was in a mess. Hand over the Blackstone Chain! The voice was cold and piercing, and the old monster of Yinshan looked coldly at Qiuxuan with a bloody face and said in a deep voice.